How to start blog for beginners today

Yes, there are thousands of fresher coming out of the high school and colleges, who are keen to know about the basics of internet and related affairs today. They want to be tech savvy. They are keen to know more and more about the blogs, emailing ways, and other related concepts. While there are some students who belong to the science groups, who are already aware of these details, some others from different subject fields are interested to know about these fundamentals.

For anyone who is keen to learn about this fool proof ways to create and build you online identity, here is how to start blog. Read the tips presented here, to gain the attention of massive number of audience from all over the world.

Domain name and the hosting services

Affordable domain names and the hosting services like bluehost are quite valid options to get your blog name registered first. To accelerate the process, dealing with such reliable hosting services will reduce the time. What is your domain of interest to blog and what type of name you want to give for your blog? Decide on that part first. Remember, this is very important for you to get the proper visitors to your blogs, for long time from now. So, take time in this process.

This is like laying a foundation for a home. The ideas that you get now to give a suitable name for your blog, must entice the audience of all the age group. You are not going to write for a particular territory of audience alone. The blog is accessible to the international audience. So, make sure that you are selecting something interesting and equally passionate for you as a domain name.

The domain choices are variable for an individual according to his or her own expertise. Anyways, if you are not so articulate in any particular subject then skip those domains. Choose the ones, in what you have best passion to learn, study, and present your ideas to the others. That is the ideal way to present content for the others views. At the same time, you must get a kind of personal satisfaction in what you are doing as well. Therefore, this is a very important step for the other simple steps to be followed ahead. Pay due attention towards this step.

Hosting services

Reliable hosting services, which are affordable and allow you to build an appealing blog for your own, to impress the audience will be a perfection option at any given day.


Organizing your content is easy with the best of the CMS that you choose to use. Having a complete control over your blogs, to upload videos and images, often, is possible quicker with the WordPress. TED, NBC, and even Forbes run on WordPress. So, how about you? Blogging platform is important too.

blogspot offers limited scope but it is free of costs. WordPress is just one another option with a bit more advantages. However, choose the ideal hosting services and the best CMS of your wish, to get maximum benefits.



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